About us

Gary PNGCompany History

EBL-Global was established in 2000 to provide business support services to companies wishing to explore the benefits of outsourcing in China.

Founded by our CEO Gary McBlain who still runs the company as well as the other companies within the group specialising in training, business support and consultancy services.

Our highly experienced management team and consultants are business professionals with broad international experience covering all aspects of business from supply chain management, engineering, production, operations, sales and business development. Through our management team and consultants we are represented in 24 countries and aim to bring professional services to all of our clients, regardless of company size or requirement.

Our team has pioneered new business ventures across diverse markets and have experienced first-hand the difficulties, risks and frustrations – as well as the benefits, profits and cost-savings – involved in locating potential supply chain partners, concluding partnering agreements, implementing and managing new ventures.

These experiences helped us identify the need for a specialist company that would provide international business-interface services for companies in the West looking to remain competitive as the globalisation effect becomes increasingly relevant to all businesses -Thus EBL-Global was born in 2000 and the establishment of our office in China followed soon after. Since the establishment of our Chinese office we have given the highest priority to training our Chinese staff to understand what is expected within Western Business practice in order that we ensure we deliver on the expectations of our clients.