Trade Finance

EBL Global are delighted to be able to offer our clients project Finance with credit terms.

We have been helping companies worldwide to source quality (A-Z) cost effective products from China since 2000.
We are now delighted to offer our clients project finance with credit terms using the services of our parters who are associated with the major banking institutes in China.

Our solutions

Our supply chain based integrated financial services are built on strong partnerships with financial institutes and export insurance companies. With our years of experience in the various industries, a knowledgeable team of professionals, and a complete supply chain system which contains logistics, customs related businesses, legal risk control, and information technology; we are able to provide executable and efficient financial solutions for our clients specific to the issues mentioned above. Our services and values are as follows:

1. Purchase Fulfilment.
When the buyer reaches a sales agreement with the suppliers via EBL Global, the buyer signs a contract consigning the purchase to us. We will represent buyer in signing the purchase contract with the suppliers. We will use contracts enforceable under Chinese law to protect the buyer’s deposit and inspect the production facilities to ensure the ability of the supplier to fulfil their contracted obligations.
2. Integrated Trade Services
When we sign the consignment contract with the buyer, we will offer our integrated trade services to them. We will monitor the production process to avoid any delay of delivery time and will assist the buyer with quality control and legal export procedures.
3. Financial Support for the Order
a. L/C collection for buyer:
We provides the L/C collection services for buyers with an efficient, professional, and low cost operation. We are able to help the buyers to avoid risks if their suppliers don’t want to use L/C payment or with suppliers having problem receiving the L/C.b. L/C Financing for buyer: In addition to the L/C collection service, We provide financing services for the early stages of production and helps the clients solve their liquidity and cash flow issues.

c. L/C Integrated Service: As a function of L/C financing, we can settle the suppliers balance in full when the products are ready for delivery. We help clients promptly resolve funding and time of payment issues between the buyer’s and suppliers.

d. D/P & O/A Integrated Services: If the buyers preferred payment method is D/P (delayed payment) or O/A, we can offer the financial support needed to help your business to maintain adequate operational funds and promote rapid growth.

4. Integrated International Logistics Solutions
Our integrated solutions focus on ”one –stop” services. We have close partnerships with major sea/air transportation carriers and have competitive transport pricing. Our years of experience has enabled us to establish an agent network in major cities worldwide and a professional team which specializes in customs related procedures, business document preparation and filing, and warehouse logistics. Our featured “door to door” service helps us occupy a good market share in Europe and Northern Africa. Among the Fortune 500 companies in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, the royal companies are mostly our VIP customers.
5. Supply Chain Integrated Solutions for Overseas Contract Engineering Projects
With superior financing capability for overseas engineering projects, we provide the total supply chain solution for suppliers and companies in China involved in overseas-contract engineering projects. These solutions include cost budgeting, procurement, integrated exports, security clearance at the destination, on-site delivery, and logistics. We help businesses significantly reduce costs, avoid risks, and ensure their overseas projects will be completed successfully.
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